Having built and lived in our home for close to 60 years we decided we needed to downsize and get into something more manageable. When we made the decision to sell, we didn’t have a good understanding of all that was involved. We thought we could do it ourselves, so we called Property Guys.

They came and met with us. We signed up and paid them over $2,000 to market our property, put a sign up, take pictures and get it on the MLS system. In the twelve months it was listed we had 3 showings. The last showing was one that Ken Langdon set up.

Ken brought us an offer and although we couldn’t get together on a price, I liked the way Ken treated us. He was very pleasant and respectful and although he was representing the buyers, he did not use any high-pressure tactics, he just told it like it was. My contract with Property Guys was running out and I was considering listing my home. I was thinking of using Ken, so I asked my lawyer about him. She told me he was one of the best.

We called Ken and he came out and met with us. We told him we were disappointed with the lack of showings with Property Guys. Ken explained that over 90 percent of Real Estate sales take place through a Realtor. He also explained that Realtors use software different than Realtor.ca that is specific to listings in the Fredericton Real Estate Board area. He told us Property Guys belong to the Moncton Real Estate Board and properties listed with them do not show up in Fredericton. That meant that Fredericton Realtors did not see our listing when searching for properties for their clients. We wish we had known that!!!

Ken made some suggestions to improve the marketability of our home. We followed all of his advice and when it was ready to list, he came out took pictures and drone shots and prepared a video. When we hit the market, he put it on social media sites, Kijiji and the MLS system. In two weeks, we had 15 showings and two offers and sold our home at full list price with a closing date that we wanted and was convenient for us. Unbelievable!!!

Ken kept us informed every step of the way. He kept in constant contact and provided feedback after every showing, so we never felt like we were in the dark or wondered what was going on.

If you’re thinking of selling your home, I highly recommend Ken. Give him a call, you won’t be disappointed.

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